Get LinkedIn with the EagleHire Network!

Starting today, when you log into your EagleHire Network account, you will be asked if you want to create a LinkedIn account. Agreeing will give you the option to connect an existing LinkedIn account with your EagleHire Network account as well.

At the end of the month, Experience (the company that brings you the EagleHire Network) will be associating professional connections with jobs and internships in the EagleHire Network. This should make it much easier and faster for you to “connect the dots” and utilize your connections to learn more about specific opportunities.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 120 million members and growing. Getting on LinkedIn is critical if you are seeking a job and are looking for a way to make connections, exchange ideas, seek advice, and learn about new opportunities. Once on LinkedIn, you are encouraged to join the Embry-Riddle Career Services and Alumni Relations groups (as well as other aviation and aerospace related groups on LinkedIn) to connect with members of the Embry-Riddle community to include alumni, employers, staff, faculty, and students.

It’s all who you know.


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