Using CareerShift in Your Job Search

CareerShift logo

If you are looking for a job and you haven’t checked out CareerShift yet, you need to—NOW! 

What is CareerShift?

CareerShift is a job posting aggregator, company directory, and job search management system all in one. The system does not replace EagleHire; it merely complements it to provide you with a comprehensive job search arsenal.

What can I do with CareerShift?

  • Search and store jobs from  all major job boards, company  websites, and online newspapers
  • Get up-to-date inside contact information, including email addresses, for millions of companies (even Embry-Riddle alumni), and then save and manage your lists
  • Access in-depth information about prospective employers (very helpful when researching Expo employers or companies with which you have upcoming interviews)
  • Upload, copy, and paste as many targeted resumes  and cover letters  as needed
  • Create unlimited email campaigns with your saved contacts, resumes, and cover letters
  • Campaigns are automatically saved and recorded in your calendar—where you can set reminders and keep notes
  • Access your confidential CareerShift account anytime—24/7

What is a campaign and how does it differ from an application?

When you create a campaign in the system, you are sending your resume out to recruiters and company contacts regardless of whether there is a job opportunity available within the company. We recommend that you only send your resume out to one employer at a time when sending out job campaigns, and prefer that you refer to a specific open requisition in your cover letter. In other words, treat it like an application so that it is personalized to the employer and the position you are seeking.

Jobs posted in the system are found out on the internet – sources include company websites, job boards, and online newspapers. When you submit an application for a job that you find on CareerShift, it will take you to the original source to apply. It is then a good idea to log your online applications in the calendar section of the system if you are using it to track your job search activities.

How do I access CareerShift?

To access CareerShift, log in to your EagleHire Network account  at and scroll down to the CareerShift logo and information box. You may also access CareerShift by logging in to your eaglesNEST account.

How do I get a free account?

  • Students: Create your account using your email address
  • Alumni: Enter the group code “foreveraneagle” (no quotes) 

What if I need help?

We recommend that you take the tour of the system to better understand its functions:                     

You may contact CareerShift at or call 888-232-0632 for assistance. If they are unable to answer your question, please send an email to for further assistance.

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