What Companies Want

by Kristy Amburgey

Seeking someone with great communication skills, enthusiasm, passion, technical knowledge, professionalism, energy, maturity, and analytical skills.

Sounds like a perfect partner, right?  It is!  These are some of the qualities that employers who recruit from Embry-Riddle look for in their prospective employees, and these strengths are what they often find in the best ERAU candidates.  Based on feedback from employers, there were a number of skills that were sought by the survey respondents.  Review some of the top categories and ways that you can prove your value to a potential employer.

Preparation: research the company, products and values thoroughly; the employers valued the candidate that knew information about their organizations and how, as a candidate, he or she could contribute to the overall goals

Experience: internship, lab, practical, etc. – the type of experience was secondary to the candidate’s ability to describe and apply his or her experiences to the company’s needs

Positive Attitude: talk about previous jobs, classes/faculty and experiences, even the challenges, as ways you grew and learned and not as a detriment or excuse for your past; candidates with positive attitudes stood out to our employers and made the candidates appear more hirable; professionalism was also mentioned as a valued attitude

Enthusiasm/Passion/Excitement: the easiest way to show enthusiasm – smile; you also want to use positive wording and an upbeat tone when talking about your interest in the job and/or field

Academic Success: maintain your GPA and select courses/training that support your career goals; excel in any leadership or group experiences as a way to prove academic success

Communication Skills: demonstrate your skills by providing specific examples of effective communication, which can include projects completed or result-focused stories

Some of the other valuable characteristics mentioned include: poise, team player, clear direction of what you want, self awareness, understanding of business concepts, ability to think creatively, determination, skills and technical knowledge and leadership.

Employers want to see candidates who are well-prepared, well-rounded and well-qualified for their positions, so answer that advertisement for the perfect partner and show the employer your best qualities.

Kristy Amburgey is the Associate Director of Career Services – Daytona Beach campus and currently manages marketing and employer relations for the department.  She has been with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for approximately 10 years and with Career Services for nine years.

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