Employer Advice from the Industry/Career Expo

Every year at the end of the Industry/Career Expo, we survey employers to get their feedback on the event. We assess everything from the helpfulness of the Career Services staff to how happy employers were with the candidates with which they met.

This year, we also asked employers if they had any specific job search or career advice that they would like to share with students and alumni seeking job opportunities.

Industry/Career Expo 2011

Photographer: Andrea Hooper

Here is what they had to say…

regarding internships:

  • We need more ERAU students doing internships. They are more prepared. – Mark Lyden, Boeing
  • An internship is essential for grads to have under their belts, to then look for full-time employee roles for after graduation  – Dana Fortuna, StandardAero
  • Complete as many internships as you can – Ethan Croop, Lee County Port Authority

regarding career fair preparation:

  • Research companies you’re interested in. Know about them and be prepared to share. – Eric Poole, JetBlue Airways
  • Be specific. Research company and tell us why we should hire you (technical qualifications). – Annelise Deatherage, Jamco America, Inc.
  • Don’t just wait for a company to call you. Be active and apply! – Sara Gilder, CTS International
  • Introduce self with firm handshake, not death grip. Improve appearance and discuss qualifications and unique set of skills – don’t share resume [verbatim]. – American Airlines
  • Have an open mind; do not discount opportunities presented – Labinal/Safran
  • Would benefit from additional research on companies and more focused responses – GE Aviation
  • Sell [yourself] more; don’t wait for company reps to ask all of the questions – GE Aviation
  • Refrain from using the term, “you guys” when referring to employers. Always address the employer by company or by specific name. “What do you guys have to offer?” is not a good approach, or opening statement. – URS Corporation
  • Be a little more specific on your resume, not “work in a position where I can grow for a dynamic company.” – Jamco America, Inc.
  • Communicate and think about your career goals for the next 3-5 years. There are many areas of expertise to specialize in within aviation/aerospace. – StandardAero
  • Get help from Career Services; it shows when you do – Boeing

 regarding the interview process:

  • Concentrate and prepare for check rides – Scott Swanson, Air Wisconsin
  • Tie your experience to the job requirements – Pat Dunagan, Aero Simulation, Inc.
  • Please emphasize personality; in a competitive environment, it’s what sets you apart from the rest! – Peter Schroeder, Jet Support Services, Inc.
  • Have [realistic] views/expectations regarding salary and first job level. – Amy Southerland, Safran

regarding dressing for career fairs and interviews:

  • Dress to impress. Think twice about displaying body piercings or inappropriate tattoos. – Don Horn, Cessna

regarding skills:

  • [Work on] public speaking – Jason Wescott, NASIC
  • Take leadership [roles] on campus! – Tyler Chini, GE Aviation
  • Maintain high GPA, highlight leadership – get involved – James Wilson, American Eagle Airlines
  • Improve talking skills – GE Aviation
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