Publishing Your Resume in the EagleHire Network

by Alicia Smyth

Did you know that there are over 1300 employer contacts in the EagleHire Network who are linked to the system? Over 1300!

That means that if you do not yet have your resume published to the plethora of resume books in the EagleHire Network, you are missing out on the potential for employers to find you. That’s right…find you. That’s because the employers who are linked to the system have the ability to search resumes that are published in resume books.

If a linked employer sees your resume, there are a few things that could potentially happen. They may invite you to apply for a specific job posted on the EagleHire Network with their company, they might download your resume to their computer to print or save to contact you later, or they may glance at your resume and do nothing more. In any event, you can review the companies that see your resume in the “Documents” section where you manage your resumes.

Keep in mind that you don’t know who is reviewing your resume before they do so. If you are currently employed and want to keep your job search confidential, it might not be a good idea to publish your resume in the system.

If you decide to publish your resume in the system, follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure that you keep your EagleHire Network account updated. Linked employers have the ability to search the system based on specific criteria that comes from your account data and resume. That said, they can only see your GPA, resume, expected graduation date, and degree.
  • If you are publishing your resume to a general resume book, make sure the resume you submit is relatively general in nature (i.e., don’t address a specific company). If it is a career focus-specific resume book, you should have a resume that reflects that particular career focus.
  • If you find that your resume has been reviewed by multiple companies but you are not being contacted, it might be time to evaluate your resume to ensure that it includes effective content, appropriate grammar and spelling, etc.
  • If you get a job, be sure to remove your resume from any and all resume books in the system. Otherwise, employers may contact you.
  • Be aware that at any time,  an employer could contact you via phone or email. Make sure that you answer your phone courteously, especially if you do not recognize the number. Make sure your outgoing voice mail message is professional as well.
  • If an employer contacts you with an opportunity you are not interested in, be polite and remember that you put your resume out there hoping for a response from potential employers. Never be rude to a potential employer and always thank them for their consideration even if you have found another opportunity or are not interested.

To publish your resume in the EagleHire Network, it must first be reviewed and approved by a Career Services staff member. You will receive an email notification when this occurs. At that point, you may log in to your EagleHire Network account, mouse over “Documents” and select “Publish a Resume.” From there, you can choose which resumes you want to be published into the various resume books in the system.

Having a published resume in the system should not replace your active job search efforts. Continue to proactively apply for job openings in the system and elsewhere on the internet and through your personal and professional contacts.

Alicia Smyth has been with the Career Services Office at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University since 2000. In her time at Embry-Riddle, Alicia has worked primarily at the Daytona Beach campus but has also served in roles with Prescott and Worldwide. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida and a master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Central Florida. Alicia currently serves as the director and information systems manager for Career Services and loves all things social media and technology. 

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