Free Money! Apply for the Co-op/Internship A$$istance Award Today!

Daytona Beach campus students can apply for a Career Services sponsored Co-op/Internship A$$istance Award (financial assistance up to $500) through Career Services to help defray some expenses they may incur when they go on a summer Co-op or Internship experience. Money could be used for gasoline to travel to the industry site, for professional clothes to wear at work, to help pay rent, to pay for lodging when non-reving to Paris, or even to eat at McDonald’s!

Companies and Alumni have made Tax Deductible donations to the Co-op/Internship A$$istance Program in order for Career Services to offer several deserving Co-op/Intern students some extra money for expenses during the summer Co-op/Intern semester.  Some employers even match employee donations! Their generosity has helped to minimize students’ financial concerns; therefore, these students are allowed to get the maximum benefit from the practical work experience. Contributors to this extremely beneficial program include Jet Aviation and Northrop Grumman, an alumna with the NTSB, as well as a number of Embry-Riddle employees. The Award Program began in 2003 and will continue each summer semester, as long as donated funds from generous benefactors are available.  Three students were selected for the Award last summer.

Applicants must comply with University Co-op/Intern policy, have a mandatory advising session, register in EagleHire with an uploaded resume, meet Co-op/Intern eligibility requirements, sign Co-op Student Agreement, and be a full-time Daytona Beach campus student enrolled in the current and past semester in order to be considered. Submission deadline is Wednesday, April 4, 2012.

A RESUME, TRANSCRIPT, and an ESSAY are required documents. The one (1) page essay should answer the following questions:

  1. How important is this financial assistance to you?
  2. How would the Co-op Assistance Award money benefit you in completing your education?
  3. What circumstances, challenges or hardships do you have to conquer before you can graduate from Embry-Riddle?

Requirements can be reviewed on the Daytona Beach Career Services Organization on Blackboard/ERNIE.  Click Co-op/Intern Information for details.

A committee of Career Services staff members will select the winners. Selected students will be awarded a Co-op/Internship A$$istance Award for Summer 2012,  provided the students have been chosen for a Summer 2012 Co-op/Internship and have finalized a Co-op/Intern contract for registration by May 4, 2012.

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