Employer Insights from the Daytona Beach Industry/Career Expo

2012 Industry/Career Expo ERAU VAS93 companies showed up to last week’s Industry/Career Expo in Daytona Beach to talk to the over 2000 students and alumni about internships, co-ops, and job opportunities. On the day after the Expo, over 300 interviews were conducted by companies. Some candidates were offered jobs on the spot and more will be offered employment in the days, weeks, and months to come.

We asked employers at the Expo to provide us with specific advice that we could share with students and alumni. Many were happy to share their insights and words of wisdom, which we have provided below.

There are two sets or groups of students I see. Group one are those that obviously went to Career Services and got advice and help. They are very well prepared. The second group are those that did not take advantage of Career Services and they clearly are not prepared.
Mark L., The Boeing Company

Interships for sophomores and juniors are crucial!
– Hillary L., The Boeing Company

Network, this industry is a small world.
– Tom R., ExpressJet Airlines

Alaska is a great place to start your aviation career.
– Eric R., Northern Air Cargo, Inc.

They need to understand what makes them stand out. Highlight teamwork, working to schedules and budgets.
– Glen S., Spirit AeroSystems

Students should have a better understanding of what they are looking for.
– Candice C., United Airlines

There are a lot of companies here so we don’t expect you to know about each one. Don’t be afraid to ask and get more information.
Jenna P., EMTEQ

Tailor resume specifically to position applying for. Stay involved in the field – volunteer/work/study. Contact companies and ask for tour of facility.
Sarah H., Flight Options/Nextant Aerospace

When you work projects, take lead roles when applicable.
– Scott S., GE Aviation – Unison

The Navy offers over $100,000 to engineering students that academically qualify.
Matthew C., United States Navy Officer Programs

– Ethan C., Lee County Port Authority

Complete an internship.
– James H., Lee County Port Authority

AE majors should take C/C++ in their curriculum.
Michelle K., CAE USA, Inc.

[Proper] resume formatting, prior research before fair.
– Jarred R., CAE USA, Inc.

All URS openings are posted on our company website, www.urscorp.jobs. I encourage applicants to follow up on all positions they apply for.
– Daniel M., URS Corp.

Additional tips and suggestions from employers:

  • Resumes should be well formatted, in reverse chronological order, and tailored specifically for the job
  • Come better prepared – research and know the company
  • General comments about wanting a job in engineering or business show very little prep work
  • Wear professional attire
  • Include the year of graduation on your name tag
  • Keep resume to one page, especially if you lack hands-on experience
  • Work more with Career Services to be better prepared for these events
  • Practice your elevator speech
  • Come to the Expo interview-ready with regards to appearance and grooming standards
  • Women should dress conservatively – skirts should not be too short and tops should not be too low

Positive feedback from employers regarding candidates from the Industry/Career Expo:

  • Extremely professional and well prepared. Students asked great questions.
  • Overall, professionalism and dress was very impressive.
  • Overall, they were [well] prepared
  • Improvements in professionalism and preparedness [over last year]
  • Very impressed
  • Great applicant pool!
  • Great blend of students – all were prepared for Expo and armed with questions
  • Both current students and graduates were professional, polite, prepared and a pleasure to speak with
  • Most candidates came prepared, dressed well, and had questions
  • They came prepared, asked questions, and were very interested. It was a pleasure speaking with them and helping them. I was equally impressed with the freshmen that came by.
  • Lots of good energy around anything aviation related for most students
  • Great candidates, very professional
  • We found several excellent candidates. Some had prior knowledge of our company or had done research. Very impressed with the professional dress and presentation of the students.
  • Students were very prepared, respectful
  • Professional and polished, always good quality students
  • Best dressed students I have seen all year!
  • Candidates were better prepared and more professional in their dress compared to years past.
  • Very well dressed! Extremely professional all around. I am proud to have graduated from ERAU!
  • The candidates were well prepared, dressed professionally, [and had]good-great resumes.
  • Built resumes well
  • Great candidates; A+!

Overall, employers were very happy with how candidates presented themselves at the event. Those candidates who did their research, had a clear idea of their career goals, presented well-formatted and easy to read resumes, dressed and behaved professionally, and asked good questions are most likely the candidates who received an interview last week.

If you were not among the candidates chosen to interview, don’t fret yet. Many employers were unable to stay to conduct interviews after the event last week. If you gave your resume to even one employer, be on the ready to receive a call to schedule an interview.

To make sure you are interview ready, check out our interview tips and information on the Career Services website and make use of Perfect Interview on the main home page of your EagleHire Network account. Equally important is your follow through…don’t forget to follow up with employers via email and/or LinkedIn and apply online if needed.

If you have a success story to share from the event, we want to hear from you! Please send an email to dbeaghir@erau.edu.

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