Alumni Career Spotlight: Alyssa Smith

Alyssa Smith, ERAU ATM

Alyssa Smith, DB 2012

Alyssa Smith is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Air Traffic Management program at the Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach campus. After being encouraged by an alumnus, she visited The Boeing Company’s booth at last year’s Industry/Career Expo. This summer, Alyssa worked for Boeing as a Quality Systems Specialist Intern and was hired on full-time as a Quality System Specialist in August. As a student at Embry-Riddle, Alyssa worked both on and off campus and completed internships with AvPorts at Teterboro Airport and Brian Boyle Attorneys at Law.

As an Air Traffic Management major, why did you choose to apply to Boeing?

I honestly had never thought about it before speaking with an alumnus who encouraged me to go up to the booth at the career fair. When I did, I ended up finding out about Boeing’s NextGen program and learned more about opportunities in Boeing. 

What skills and traits do you find that are most beneficial in your work?

Communication is key in any job, but especially when you work for such a big company. Peoples’ time is so valuable; make sure you know what you need before you say anything. 

How will this position relate to your future goal?

This position is an awesome opportunity. There is so much room for growth in Boeing, and my manager makes it his responsibility to make sure I get any and all training I want, including leadership training, to help advance toward goals of management. 

What advice do you have for other ATM majors who are waiting for the FAA call?

No one wants to hear it, but it’s a reality that you could be waiting years before you get the call.  Go apply to as many other positions you can while you wait. Try to stay in the industry; market your minors or even the management portion of your degree.

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