Getting the Most Out of Career Services Resources

by Adriana Hall

I recently read a quote from Tony Robbins: Success is not about your resources.  It’s about how resourceful you are with what you have.”  The Career Services team is constantly reviewing, monitoring, evaluating and shaping our resources to reflect the breadth and needs of our constituents and industries. We want you to take full advantage of the resources available to explore opportunities, discover your career goals and attributes, navigate the job search process and showcase your skills. Our office wants you to get the most out of your education by using what is available to you. Here are some tips on how to be more proactive with the resources available:

Start Early: Don’t wait until graduation to utilize the resources and services available to you. Starting early is an advantage as it allows you to fully use your time in school to develop your career plan, learn about companies and opportunities and prepare for your job search, integrating the various resources available into this process. For example, some internship programs target sophomore and junior students, so you need to be aware of the timing of the programs available by accessing the EagleHire Network to find out this information. In addition, start building your network as early as possible through resources such as career events, the Career Services LinkedIn group,  conferences, professional organizations and more.  Spread out the career development and job search process timeline by starting early using the resources you have at your full disposal.

Do your Homework:  Preparation is important, so do your homework using the resources available to take charge of your career and job search. Check out samples to enhance your resume and cover letter, research opportunities on the EagleHire Network and outside of the system, practice interviewing via Perfect Interview, participate in presentations and company information sessions and research, research, research. Not only do you want to know what resources are available to you, but you want to understand how you can take advantage of the resources to accomplish your job search homework.

Be an Active Participant: Job seekers often look at various career resources, such as job boards, every day, but many of these people are passively waiting for employers to contact them or for a hiring manager to “notice” them.  As you use the resources available to you, understand that you must put yourself out there in the job search world to achieve results. After you apply for a position, don’t just wait for a response from the company; find a contact within the company to help you find better ways to connect with the hiring personnel or follow up with the hiring manager directly to make your case for employment.  Instead of expecting your network to come to you, find ways to meaningfully help your network (sharing resources or knowledge.  Be an active participant in your own search.

Bonus Tip – Be Professional: Although not necessarily a resource, professionalism is imperative to job search success.  Without professionalism, all the smart use of resources won’t put you any closer to career growth. With this in mind, you should practice professionalism in your interactions with any campus department, with your fellow students and alumni and with all employers. This expectation includes appearance, communication, punctuality and preparedness.

Career Services provides many resources for you, and you will find many more just an internet search away. Find ways to make these resources work for you and your situation. Be resourceful and explore all your career options to put yourself in the best place possible for professional success.

Adriana Hall has a Bachelor of Arts in Languages (Spanish-English) from Colombia-South America and a Master of Science in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  She has been with ERAU for 9 years. Adriana worked for the Department of State in Colombia at the United States Embassy before moving to the U.S.

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  1. Anthony

     /  January 16, 2013

    Nicely put and well done Mrs Hall! Keep up the great work that you all do in the Career Services Office!


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