Virtual Hiring Event Tips and Tricks

VirtualHiring-final-trans400pxThe 2013 Virtual Hiring Event will be held through the EagleHire Network Monday, February 11—Thursday, February 21, 2013. Candidates can begin preparing to apply for the full-time opportunities posted by previewing positions in the system the weekend prior (February 9-10).

To increase your chances of landing an interview as a result of the Virtual Hiring Event,  follow these tips:

  • Prepare in advance! During the job preview days, you have the chance to view positions without the pressure to apply  at that very moment. Take this time to read through the job postings and mark those you are interested in as “favorites” – this will allow you to go back to the position easily when it is time to apply.
  • Get your resume and cover letter in order. Make sure you have these documents uploaded to the EagleHire Network by January 27 in order to ensure ample time for your resume to be reviewed and approved in the system.
  • Don’t be generic! Once you’ve identified those jobs you wish to apply to, read through the position description and tailor the resume you plan to use for your application specifically for the position.  By personalizing your resume and cover letter, you are telling the employer that you are truly interested in the opportunity…as a result, you are also able to communicate to them that you are the candidate they’ve been seeking for the position.
  • Do not apply for positions where you don’t meet the minimum qualifications. It is frustrating for the employer, and in the vast majority of cases, it’s a waste of your valuable time.
  • Follow all application instructions to the tee! Give them nothing less than exactly what they ask for (resume, cover letter, references, writing samples, etc.) and apply in the manner they prefer (email, website, fax, or snail mail) – failure to do so is an indication to an employer that you do not pay attention to details,  nor do you follow directions.
  • Print out jobs to which you apply. This will help you in referencing the position later, in the event that an employer contacts you for an interview. If contact information is included, you can use that information to follow up  with the recruiter a few weeks later.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute! Make sure you take care of getting your resume online on time and begin applying for jobs as early in the week as possible. This helps to ensure that you can apply for positions at a leisurely pace, minimizing the risk of making mistakes.

For more information about the Virtual Hiring Event, including how to participate, a list of registered companies, event details, and FAQs for job seekers, visit our website:

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