Success Story: Oswaldo “Oz” Maitas

Oswaldo “Oz” Maitas is a 2005 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University alum Oz at sunrisefrom the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science program.  While at Embry-Riddle, he minored in Aviation Weather, was a member of Alpha Omicron Alpha (AOA) Aeronautical Honor Society and worked for the Career Services Office.  He has worked for Aerospotal Airlines since 2006.  Oz has a great success story to share, and he has provided us with details of his upgrade to Captain.

On February 26, 2013, I completed my upgrade to Captain with Aeropostal Airlines. I finished my 25 hours flight time of IOE training and got appointed to the checkride with the Venezuelan authorities of the INAC. I flew a 45 minute round trip leg from Maiquetia (SVMI) to Margarita (SVMG). After parking at the terminal and shutting down the engines, the check airman congratulated me and stated that my checkride was approved.

I felt very happy and could not avoid thinking about my first flight in a Cessna 172, as well as my entire ERAU class experience. I was thankful for my family, co-workers and God. After stepping out of the aircraft, I was greeted by my fellow Captains as they were waiting for my checkride to be done to give me the proper welcome. They immediately began tearing my uniform apart, cutting my hair and eyebrows off and pouring soda, coke and jet oil all over me. It is an old tradition, dating back to 1929, and it is customary to be done in the jet way along with the flight attendants, maintenance personnel and family.

Now, my life has changed. I am beginning a new moment in my career, as the responsibilities of all the flight are falling on my shoulders. Also, I began to pass my knowledge and experience to all of the First Officers with the hope that their journey to the left seat comes as easily and joyfully as mine.

Once again, I feel very thankful being able to attend a prestigious University such as Embry-Riddle. It definitely made a difference in my professional career and personal life.

This is a picture of me after the checkride along with my family and another one with my co-workers. The first picture is my first solo flight along with my First Officer during a sunrise climbing to FL350.

Oz with family

Oz with co-wokers

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  1. Scott Medeiros

     /  May 31, 2013

    Congrats Ozzy! Glad to hear things are going great for you down there!


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