Professional Dress for the 2013 Daytona Beach Industry/Career Expo

Picture1The 2013 Daytona Beach Industry/Career Expo will be Wednesday, October 9, and Career Services wants to give you a reminder about the professional dress code for the event.

Professional attire should include the following:

  • Both men and women should wear suits (skirt or pant suits for the ladies) that fit properly; navy, gray, soft black and other dark colors are most appropriate
  • The length of a skirt should reach below or to the knee
  • Gentlemen should wear button down shirts and ties
  • Traditional ties should complement the suit and shirt color and should be in a conservative pattern and color
  • Ladies should wear conservative or appropriate blouses
  • Colors for shirts should be muted; white, off-white or light blue are the most recommended colors
  • Shoes should be polished and professional
  • Ladies should wear closed-toe shoes; pantyhose are good for the ladies wearing skirt suits
  • Socks, for both men and women, should match the shoe or pant color

The minimum professional dress allowed is business casual, but you must dress according to the industry standard for the job you are seeking at the Expo.  Business casual entails khaki pants and a collared (polo) shirt for the gentlemen and slacks/skirt and a blouse/sweater for the ladies.  Alternate suggestions for the gentlemen can include a navy blazer, slacks or button down shirt without a tie.  Ladies can also wear professional dresses, khaki pants and collared (polo) shirts.

Flight and ROTC uniforms are appropriate Expo dress.  Religious and cultural attire will be accepted.

You will be turned away from the event if you wear any of the following clothing types:

  • Ripped or torn jeans
  • Shorts
  • Athletic or workout clothing
  • Baseball caps or other hats
  • T-shirts with inappropriate or crude images or wording
  • Overly revealing clothing of any kind
  • Shoes inappropriate for a conservative office environment
  • Mid-thigh length or above skirts

Professional attire is expected if you want to enter the ICI Center floor for the October 9th event.   If you do not meet the minimum standards, you will be asked to leave and come back once dressed appropriately.  Employers want to see you at your professional best, and dress is definitely part of that equation.

Please visit the Career Services Pinterest group and peruse the What to Wear – Men, What to Wear – Women and What Not to Wear – Men and Women boards for ideas on professional dress.

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