Tell Me More! Employers Give Feedback after the Industry/Career Expo

The Daytona Beach Career Services Office asked employers at the Daytona Beach Industry/Career Expo to provide us with specific advice that we could share with students and alumni. Many were happy to share their insights and words of wisdom, which we provided below.

IMG_0570Do not feel limited to your field of study.

Situational awareness in the media and current events – look at how they influence the company and affect the company strategy.

If interested in the company, set up and use the Boeing jobs website.

Use Career Services.

Don’t be afraid of [exploring] lesser known companies.

Work hard to maintain a strong GPA.  Get involved in extra-curricular activities and community service.
-Compass Airlines

Study interview questions prior to coming [to the Expo] and research our company.  Have a few goals/positions that you are interested in, even if it’s not currently being offered.  It shows you have focus and a plan in mind for your future.  Also, write a bit about your interests outside of work/school – we are looking to hire people and want to get to know you!
-Flight Options/Nextant Aerospace

IMG_0206Get out-of-classroom technical and leadership opportunities.
-GE Aviation

Community and project involvement are very important, but don’t let it affect your GPA.
-GE Aviation

ERAU graduates have good design experience with CATIA, but they need to learn more manufacturing items, specifically metal stamping, plastic injection molding and casting.
-Goken America

More than one page resumes please.  One page resumes are not enough for engineering resumes.
-Goken America

Know more about the company with whom you are talking.

Do internships.
-Lee County Port Authority

One page resumes!
-Northrop Grumman

Very pleased with turnout and professionalism.
-PSA Airlines

Students should be prepared to respond clearly about their career aspirations/objectives and must be in a position to validate how they will apply their education to meet their career objectives.
-Ramco Systems Corporation

IMG_0105Keep trying.  International students, don’t be upset over sponsorship issues.  There are companies out there who are just right for you.
-Spirit Airlines

Stay strong!  It is all worth it in the end.
-Spirit Airlines

Keep your GPA up; take advantage of the easy first and second year classes.  Get involved with out-of class projects and be a leader.
-Teledyne Oil & Gas

Highlight report writing abilities on resumes.  Seems like many students are unaware of report writing requirements of engineering.
-Teledyne Oil & Gas

GPA does matter.  When looking for a full-time position fresh out of school, internships or work experience are critical.

Be informed about the companies in which you are interested.

Be open to systems engineering and program management support contractor roles.

Listen to ERAU Career Services staff advice.  Have self-confidence and don’t give up.
-United Airlines

We look for talented and bright individuals that can communicate effectively.  One student actually said he just wanted to get his foot in the door and stay one year, so he could get another job – Big NO!
-Universal Avionics Systems Corporation

IMG_0625Valuable feedback from employers about students and alumni includes the following insights.

  • Be aware that many employers use online application systems
  • Be open to other opportunities; some experience in industry is better than none
  • Be prepared and communicate experiences to industry professionals
  • Be prepared with resume in hand and knowledge about company
  • Do a bit more company research
  • Don’t ask about the company; some homework needs to be done prior to the Expo
  • Dress appropriately [i.e. professionally]
  • Everyone should be prepared, even first year students
  • Follow-up with companies throughout the year
  • Personalize resumes for specific companies
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare!
  • Research company websites for available opportunities before approaching employers
  • Strong communication skills needed to talk to potential employers; no eye contact is a negative factor
  • Want to see professional, prepared and interested students

IMG_0575Students and alumni received some positive feedback from employers, and here are areas on which employers complimented you.

  • Enthusiastic and prepared for working in airline/aviation industry
  • Good quality
  • Motivation
  • Polished
  • Preparation
  • Professional appearance and dress
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Well spoken
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