New College Grad Ultimate Checklist for Resume Success

Dr. Randall Hansen posted a great article on the Quintessential Careers Blog in regards to a new college grad checklist for creating the best resume for the job search.

Here is the article in its entirety.

Quint CareersReview your resume for these best practices:

I have…

Not used a resume template to create my resume;
Used standard fonts (no more than 2) in normal size (11-12 pt.);
Placed my name at the top my resume in a bold style;
Listed the best two methods to reach me (typically cell, email);
Used a professional/appropriate email address; no Yahoo or “babydoll;”
A well-formed headline and/or branding statement;
A Summary of Qualifications section with 3-4 targeted bullet points;
An Education section that follows next, containing only my college experience;
An Education section that lists my college degree, honors and awards, and GPA (if above a 3.0);
An Experience section that follows next, listing all relevant entries in reverse chronological order;
Included relevant jobs, internships, and volunteering in my Experience section;
Listed each experience entry by the job title, employer, city, state, and start/end dates;
Written 3-4 bulleted phrases for each experience — highlighting my accomplishments, not duties;
Started each experience bullet point with a strong action verb;
Quantified my accomplishments, where possible;
Included extracurricular activities, only if relevant;
Kept my resume to one (full) page;
Not listed any references or names of supervisors;
Reviewed other samples of good new college graduate resumes;
Spell checked and proofread every single word on my resume;
Made refinements to my resume to help better navigate employer applicant tracking systems;
Received critiques from key people in my network and made appropriate revisions.

To read the full article, please visit the Quintessential Careers Blog:

Remember that your resume should be tailored for the specific position you are seeking.  The above are just suggestions to consider when writing your resume.




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