Use Simple Items to Show Professionalism

med234025As you know, employers are developing impressions and opinions about you, starting with the first time they get an email from you, read that email and open your resume document. Since first impressions are hard to mend, here are a few simple, yet professional, changes you can make.

Ensure that your email address is professional; avoid anything cute, silly, odd or suggestive – keep those fun email addresses for your friends and family
Bonus tip: select an email address that has your name listed in it so that a potential employer can visualize your name one more time; when selecting an email address, remember that people can confuse the letter “O” with a zero and the lowercase letter “l” with the number one (underscores can also be missed as well)

Use your email signature to provide your name and contact information and avoid using images, quotes and other add-ons that can be interpreted as unprofessional
Bonus tip: inserted images, from a signature-based business card to a cute airplane picture, can send emails to SPAM or junk filters

Select an appropriate name for your resume and cover letter documents; the documents should be labeled with your name, document type (resume, cover letter or references, for example) and job title if applicable
Bonus tip: some employers do not open attachments or prefer not to receive attachments; if this is the case, you will want to save your resume as a text file, which removes most formatting, and insert it into the body of the email

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