Tips For Your Next Video Interview

By: Emily Ferraro

video interviewingWhen seeking an internship or job opportunity, candidates seeking the position are hopeful for an in-person interview. More often than not, companies will conduct quite a few rounds of different interviews before bringing candidates to the company for a meeting. A popular choice for recruiters to begin the screening process is to call candidates for a phone interview. Additionally, with the ease of virtual interactions, video interviewing has become a prevalent form of screening as well. Here are some things to consider when you are asked to participate in a video interview:

First and foremost, ask the right questions:

And be prepared! In order to get ready for the interview, you will want to know what platform the company is using. Skype and Google Hangout are most commonly used, but there are so many other programs or apps that the company could use to conduct the interview. Ask for confirmation details if it is unclear as to what program they are using. Two things are crucial:

  1. Make sure that you have the correct application/program information as well as the username of the contact with whom you will be in touch with.
  2. Be sure to download and add the program well in advance. Also, add the user’s information to your contact list to prevent any missed or blocked calls. Practice using the software and make a call to a friend to make sure it works on your end.

Next, work out the logistics to set-up proper surroundings for the interview by:

  • Finding an area with strong Wi-Fi connection (or accessible Ethernet outlet)
  • Selecting a room with good and consistent lighting, non-cluttered walls, and distanced from noisy and distracting areas
  • Making a practice call and checking on the sound quality. Tip: Use headphones with a microphone to reduce echo noise
  • Preparing your outfit in advance. This is just like an in-person interview so make sure that you are dressed to impress. On camera, it’s best to avoid bright colors and patterns. Stick with the black/neutrals and look polished.

Last-minute reminders:

  • Turn-off all web browsers and open pages on your computer so there are no pop-ups or sounds
  • Leave phone off or put on airplane mode/silence
  • Remind your surrounding friends or family that you are busy and ask to not be disturbed
  • Make a sign for the door to let others know not to disturb you during the interview
  • Keep your portfolio in front of you with your resume, job description, and prepared questions to ask the interviewer(s)

For more information on interviewing, please visit the Career Services website at

Emily Ferraro is new to the Career Services Office at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and serves as the Program Manager for undergraduate Aerospace Engineering students. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies as well as her Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction specializing in College Student Affairs at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Emily enjoys working with students to help them achieve their personal and professional career goals and specializes in topics such as personal branding and resume writing.

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