Resume Tip: Remove Clichés and Fluff from the Resume

deletebuttonpicRecently there has been press about an overabundance of overly used words on resumes “Experience” and “LinkedIn,” like detail-oriented, driven and team player, to name a few.  While some of these words can be useful, you need to eliminate as much as possible the clichés or fluff words from your resume, job search documentation or online profiles to ensure that readers see your value.

As you build or evaluate your resume, you should keep wording that establishes your expertise and accomplishments, enhances the document or further clarifies information.  Otherwise, remove the words or phrases that do not further your candidacy for employment (aka fluff) or that seem to be on everyone else’s resume (clichés).

Now, having common wording or a few fluffy words on the resume is not typically a deal breaker, but it probably leaves less-than-desirable impressions on the reader.  First, a list of overly common words may lead to assumptions that you can’t think outside of the box or be creative and that you may not really know how you can help the company’s bottom line.  Second, filler words make it harder for a reader to understand what you want to communication and forces them to weed through the extras to get to the point.  Third, an inability to deliver on the resume may signal to the reader that you have poor communication, persuasion or other skills that a company may expect from a candidate.

Companies expect candidates to communicate clearly and effectively, so avoid using empty filler on your resume.  Instead, use clear, concise, powerful wording that conveys your value to a potential employer.

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