Your Twitter Brand: How to be “Job Search Ready”

Twitter1Still not sure about using Twitter as a job search platform? Or maybe you have yet to jump on the Twitter train. While Twitter has quickly become one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with what your favorite celebrities and public figures are doing in between photo shoots and vacations, Twitter can serve the same purpose when it comes to following your favorite companies. {Insert at-your-fingertips networking and career preparation here} By centering your twitter on companies and industries you can have an endless feed of news, positions, updates, and insight to help you get ahead. To get you started, a career focused bio can identify what makes you, YOU. This can be your brand, mission, interests and voice in 140 characters or less.

Here are some tips for making your profile job search friendly:

-List ERAU in your bio. This is a 160-character elevator pitch. Since Twitter is all about statements that are short and sweet, make use of this precious space to ensure that you are easily identifiable and current.

-Use twitter handles and hashtags that highlight your student involvement/organizations. Showcase not only who you are and what you are interested in, but show some love for your social channels.

“ERAU c/o 2015: Major, Aerospace Engineering-Propulsion. Minor, Mechanical Engineering. Team Lead, @EcoEagles. Aviation Enthusiast. #roboticsnerd #pilot”

-List current employers and their social profiles. This can get you larger exposure and again, give the viewer of your profile a quick view of your current employment status.

-Make your personal brand your own. Use leftover space to generate your voice/passions/interests/abilities etc. by listing awards or accomplishments. Take advantage of being able to stand out with your distinct uniqueness.

-Help the reader understand what your interests are on Social Media platforms– what do you find yourself talking about on Twitter? Sharing this will help people know what you are going to talk about and subsequently make them want to follow you.

“@EmbryRiddle 2014: MBA Student. @SouthwestAir analyst intern. @NBAA treasurer. All things aviation, avid traveler, on-the-side photog, entrepreneur, future CEO.”

– Twitter can be used as a professional or personal brand. But remember that anyone can search for you and find the images you use to identify yourself. Make sure that even if this is more of a personal channel for you, that your image conveys your overall brand.

-Lastly, remember that Twitter isn’t just about what you have to say, it’s about starting conversations. Engaging in what people are saying within your topics of interest can lead to following more companies, learning about their hiring trends, finding the open positions, and ultimately helping you land a job!

Twitter2Looking for recommendations on who to start following? Check out these tweeters:

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Emily Ferraro is new to the Career Services Office at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and serves as the Program Manager for undergraduate Aerospace Engineering students. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies as well as her Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction specializing in College Student Affairs at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Emily enjoys working with students to help them achieve their personal and professional career goals and specializes in topics such as personal branding and resume writing.

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  1. Great advice. The PDF résumé is becoming a relic of the past.



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