Cover Letter Tips: Call to Action

By: Stephanie Rozboril

Call to ActionWhen writing a cover letter it is important to conclude by letting the employer or recruiter know what they can expect next. You have given a review of why you are interested and your qualifications, but you need to summarize by effectively communicating your expectations for what’s to come. There are two ways to handle this:

Taking ownership– Put yourself in control by making statements like “I will make contact after the position close date to discuss the opportunity to interview” Pros: Shows you are serious about the job, and that it is something you are willing to continue to pursue past sending the cover letter, resume, and possible application. Cons: May seem to forward to the recruiter or hiring manager, especially if you are not a suitable candidate.

Placing follow-up in reviewer’s hands– Let the one in charge of hiring make the choice with a statement like “ I look forward to hearing from you”, or “Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in discussing my skills and qualifications further”. Pros: Allows the recruiter or hiring manager the control to make the decision whether or not to make contact, after deciding if your resume and cover letter are strong enough to make you a candidate. Cons: Could send the message that you are not as interested in the job, also places more responsibility on the company to make follow up calls when they may several positions accepting candidates at the same time.

Either way you decide to end the letter, make sure that whatever you say you stick to. Don’t say you will call and then don’t… this could ruin your chances, especially if they were anticipating a call.

For sample cover letters for many disciplines visit our Career Services Website at

For example closing statements:

Stephanie Rozboril is new to the career services office and serves as the engineering program manager and also supports our homeland security, space physics, computer science, and computational mathematics students. She has been with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University since 2012, where she worked in the Alumni Relations Office supporting future and current graduates. Stephanie enjoys working with students to help them achieve their professional goals and become successful in today’s competitive job market.


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