Good Manners Matter When Job-Hunting

Dr. Randall Hansen posted a great article on the Quintessential Careers Blog in regards to showcasing good manners during the job search process.

Quint CareersBelow is the article:

Manners are one of the quickest methods for job-seekers to be remembered by employers.  Having outstanding manners will make your behaviors stand out from other applicants; while bad manners will do the same – only not the way you are hoping for!

If you are the best candidate for a job, should manners matter? Of course! Employers are looking for the best all-around candidate — someone who is best qualified for the job, yes, but one who can also fit into the corporate culture of the organization and who can work cooperatively with others.

Having good manners does not necessarily mean you will fit the employer’s criteria, but having bad manners is a strong indicator of future troubles.

So, when job-hunting, what are some of the good manners you should be showcasing? Here are 10 to consider:

  1. Politeness. Treating all people you meet with courtesy and respect.
  2. Dressing Properly. Wearing attire that matches the culture of the organization and job you seek.
  3. Punctuality. Arriving to interviews on time (and ideally, a bit early — but not WAY early).
  4. Listening. Conversing in a way that you are not interrupting or asking questions on topics already discussed.
  5. Knowledgeable. Researching the employer can showcase your insights, but also shows respect.
  6. Upbeat. Focusing positive energy and enthusiasm for the job/employer regardless of the mood you happen to be in.
  7. Communicate. Conversing for business is MUCH different than informal communications. Keep your talk and email formal.
  8. Avoid Interruptions. Checking your cell phone during a job interview is the fastest way to remembered — for the WRONG reasons.
  9. Table Graces. Interviewing over a meal or a drink has serious rules of engagement, so make sure you know them!
  10. Show Appreciation. Thanking everyone who interviews or assists you may seem excessive, but it goes a LONG way.

To read the full article, please visit the Quintessential Careers Blog:

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