A New Year Resolution for Your Job Search

By Kristy Amburgey

What better way to start a New Year than to set New Year’s resolutions!  And an even better start is to stick with your resolutions.  As we ease into 2014, I would like to encourage you to set new job search resolutions.  It could be something as simple as re-connecting with a previous co-worker or as beneficial as initiating a conversation about how you can successfully help a potential employer.  With any resolution, it is imperative to follow-through with the promises you make to yourself.

Part of that action, that movement forward, is thinking about the New Year as a clean slate, tabula rasa.  You can evaluate what occurred last year or even years prior, examining what worked, did not work or could use a few modifications.  But don’t dwell on the past and don’t allow it to define your New Year. By recognizing past struggles or frustrations but then deciding to move forward to fill your clean slate, you are on your way to achieving your goals.

In 2014, resolve to take action and create your own path as the New Year brings new opportunities.

Kristy Amburgey is the Associate Director of Career Services – Daytona Beach campus and currently manages marketing and employer relations for the department.  She has been with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for approximately 10 years.


Happy New Year

Have a safe and happy New Year!


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