Planning for Career Week 360° (March 3-7, 2014)

Daytona Beach students, as part of your planning for Career Week 360°, please review some of these tips for success.  Also listed is the schedule of events along with the list of companies that will be attending the Employer Showcase.

Showcase Preparation Tips:

  • Research the companies attending; have questions prepared that can help you gather information from the recruiters
  • Prepare and practice your introduction or elevator speech
  • Relate your background and experiences to the company’s needs; know how you can fit into the organization
  • Apply for opportunities on EagleHire Network or at the company website before the event
  • Bring your Eagle Card ID
  • Bring copies of your resume
  • Leave your cover letter at home; companies do not expect a letter at this type of event
  • Tailor your resume to the companies you want to approach; for anyone with multiple career interests, focus each resume on one area
  • Wear conservative, professional attire; a suit is the best thing to wear; also check out the Career Services Pinterest boards for ideas
  • Know that company representatives might be from any department/functional area; if they do not have information about your area of study, ask general company questions and insight into how to succeed

Employer Advice from Previous Events:

  • Study interview questions prior to coming [to the event] and research our company.  Have a few goals/positions that you are interested in, even if it’s not currently being offered.  It shows you have focus and a plan in mind for your future.  Also, write a bit about your interests outside of work/school – we are looking to hire people and want to get to know you
  • Students should be prepared to respond clearly about their career aspirations/objectives and must be in a position to validate how they will apply their education to meet their career objectives
  • [Students] need to understand what makes them stand out. Highlight teamwork, working to schedules and budgets
  • Students should have a better understanding of what they are looking for
  • Very impressed with the professional dress and presentation of the students
  • Be open to other opportunities; some experience in industry is better than none
  • Don’t ask about the company; some homework needs to be done prior to the Expo


Since we will be in the Henderson Welcome Center, please be mindful of those working and meeting in the facility.

Several companies will only be able to attend one of the two Employer Showcase days.  Teledyne ODI, United Airlines and the U.S. State Department will only be there on Tuesday, March 4.

Schedule of Events:

Last Minute Showcase Prep: Monday, March 3 at 5:30 pm; COB 114

Employer Recruiting Showcase: Tuesday, March 4 from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm and Wednesday, March 5 from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon; Henderson Welcome Center
*Professional Dress Required; Bring Eagle Card*
**Delta Air Lines will also have a table on the Flight Deck: Tuesday, March 4 from 12:00 noon to 4:30 pm and Wednesday, March 5 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm**

Bombardier Information Session: Tuesday, March 4 at 6:30 pm; COB 114
*Business opportunities will be discussed*

Orbital Sciences Information Session: Tuesday, March 4 at 6:30 pm; COAS 125

Networking Skill Builder Session: Wednesday, March 5 at 5:30 pm; COA Atrium
*Event sign-up is currently closed as these 60 spots have already been reserved*

NextGen Information Session and Career Opportunities in Support of NextGen- Special Guest FAA’s Deputy Administrative Assistant for NextGen, Pamela Whitley Presenting: Thursday, March 6 at 4:00 pm; COAS 125

Take Action & Follow-up: How to Write A Thank You: Thursday, March 6 at 5:00 pm; COB 118

Currently Registered Employers for the Showcase:
– AAR Corp.
– AeroTurbine, Inc.
– Airline Transport Professionals
– American Eagle Airlines
– Aurora Flight Sciences
– Bombardier Aerospace
– CommutAir
– Compass Airlines
– Delta Air Lines, Inc.**
– Emergency Communications Network
– ERAU International & Graduate Admissions
– ExpressJet Airlines
– Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches
– GE
– Horizon Air
– Jeppesen Sanderson Inc.
– NASA – Kennedy Space Center
– Orbital Sciences Corporation
– Piedmont Airlines
– Raydon
– Republic Airways Holdings
– Rockwell Collins
– Safran USA
– Silver Airways
– SkyWest Airlines
– Spirit Airlines
– Teledyne Oil & Gas
– United Airlines
– U.S. Department of State
– World Fuel Services Corp.
– XCOR Aerospace
– Zodiac Aerospace


Preparing Your Elevator Speech for Expo Introductions

By Sandi Ohman

elevator_pitchThe Industry/Career Expo is around the corner – October 3 (Prescott, AZ) and October 9 (Daytona Beach, FL) will be here soon!  There are 80+ companies that have registered to attend the events, to date.  Attendees won’t speak to every company that attends, but hopefully, they will speak to at least one or more exhibitors.  First impressions are so important, and a bad first impression is hard to overcome.  From the attire, overall neat and professional appearance, recruiters begin to form initial impressions; once conversation begins, impressions begin to solidify.

An informal survey of recruiters who attended the Industry/Career Expo in the past indicated that the following top areas stood out and made impressions:

  1. The student has knowledge about the company and knows a few specific facts
  2. The student knows what they want to do for that specific company, or at least has an idea
  3. Ability to carry on a conversation with the recruiter – has satisfactory communication skills
  4. Has a good introduction
  5. The student knows their strengths and interests
  6. The students have  a true passion for their career interest
  7. The student has a good attitude and shows confidence – whether real or not
  8. The student is prepared – research, resume, note pad to take notes
  9. Well groomed and dresses appropriately for the event, a good handshake, makes eye contact and smiles
  10. The student has strong academics

Notice the theme of these responses is preparation oriented – either dress and appearance or communication.  Elements of the Elevator Speech can help attendees be prepared to communicate well with recruiters.  The elements are Know Your Audience and Know Yourself.  After you prepare these elements, organize your Elevator Speech into a quick, direct introduction that covers who you are, what you want and what you can offer.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience for Expo requires researching the companies that are attending.  Look at the current positions on their websites, any job postings in EagleHire Network, and what positions they are recruiting for at the Industry/Career Expo.  It is hard to find out the names/titles of the recruiters who will be attending ahead of time, since those attendees can change the day before or even the day of the event.  Many times alumni of ERAU attend the Expo event as recruiters for their employers.  Look for alumni pins on the recruiters’ collars or name tags as a quick sign that they are alumni.  You may want to ask them about their experiences and career paths taken after they graduated from ERAU.

Know Yourself

Know your strengths, how you would describe yourself (creative, energetic, flexible, motivated, etc.), why you are interested in this industry/company/position, and what you can offer the company.


As the speech is developed, it is important to write the points down and even to write out the few sentences to make sure they flow well. Memorize the lines.  Be sincere, conversational and natural, while still being organized, prepared and rehearsed.  Practice the elevator speech out loud, projecting passion and interest, and talking at an average speed.  This will ensure effective communication.  Remember every conversation will not go exactly as rehearsed, so know when to change directions to follow the flow of the conversation.

Making eye contact with the recruiter, while not staring them down, is important since it conveys truthfulness.  Examples or a quick story worked into the Elevator Speech give credibility and content for the recruiter to direct questions.  The final part is to end the interaction with an action call – ask for a business card, a review of the resume, or an interview, if appropriate timing.

Check out the CareerSpot Video on the Elevator Speech for more information and for an example.

Sandi Ohman is the Senior Program Manager in the Career Services Office at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  She has been with the university for over 9 years and has advised students in most all degree areas while in Career Services.  Sandi brings additional experience having worked in the finance industry for over 6 years in her previous career.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida, and her Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida.

Preparing for the Industry/Career Expo

Embry-Riddle Aerona2010 Daytona Beach Industry/Career Expoutical University students and alumni are invited to attend the annual Industry/Career Expos at the Prescott, AZ and Daytona Beach, FL campuses.  The Prescott event is being held on Thursday, October 6, 2011.  The Daytona Beach Expo is occurring on Wednesday, October 19, 2011.  Information about each event is found under the “Upcoming Events” section of the blog.

The Industry/Career Expos highlight many of the employers who specifically target Embry-Riddle students and alumni.  These events are great opportunities for you to identify job and co-op/internship openings, connect with companies, meet new employers and network with the representatives, many of whom are alumni.

In order to focus your time at the events, you should review the following tips.  Most importantly, you must prepare for a career fair just like you would an interview.

  • Review the list of employers and decide what companies are your primary targets; be open-minded about meeting the companies that may not be at the top of your list
  • Research your targeted companies thoroughly
  • Apply for positions, either through EagleHire Network or the companies’ websites, prior to the day of the event
  • Bring customized resumes and copies of specific job postings/ requisition numbers that you have either applied to or are interested in learning more; you be may told to apply online as this is usually a requirement to keep in compliance with certain laws; do bring a few general resumes, still targeted towards the job you want…you do not need to bring cover letters
  • Prepare an introductory statement, often called the elevator speech or 30 second commercial, as a way to jumpstart your conversation with a potential employer; keep it brief but poignant
  • Understand your career objectives and goals and be able to clearly explain what you want to do and what you can offer the company

Career Services will be offering preparation workshops at both the Daytona Beach and Prescott campuses. Check the EagleHire Network calendar for more information. Can’t make a presentation? View archives of past Daytona Beach Career Services presentations.

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