Resume Tip: Language Skills Section

Thank you in different languagesLanguage skills are a valued commodity for many companies and should be included on a resume. With languages, you can create a section dedicated to that function, or you can include it in an overall “Skills” section.

If you include a language on your resume, you need to be proficient in it. If you can speak the language but not read or write it, specify your actual abilities with that language, possibly by listing different comprehension levels.

Additional tips:
If your native language is English and live in the United States, please do not include that as a language skill.  If you are from the United States but are seeking employment in a global location, you can list English as a language skill.  If you are from a location that does not speak English as a native language, please include English as a language skill.

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Be Consistently Consistent

by Kristy Amburgey

0218_land-interview-resume_390x2201-e1271259619853Here is a resume quick tip. One way to make your document look professional and appeal to a broad audience is to be consistent. Consistency shows an employer that you pay attention to details and that you have solid writing skills. As you select formatting and then finalize the resume, go back to ensure that you use the same format throughout the resume. You want to be consistently consistent when composing and proofreading your resume.

Many areas of the resume should be examined for consistency, including the date formatting, spacing, alignment, section headings, bold/italics/underline usage, and more. Other more detailed areas to review include the state abbreviations/spelling out of the state names, periods at the end of the bulleted points, dash marks [en dash (–) and em dash (—)], verb tenses, etc. which you should closely examine before sending your resume to anyone.

The great thing about all of these details is that you get to choose the formatting. Once you select a style, though, run with it. You want to be consistently consistent with the style, format and details of your resume.

Kristy Amburgey is the Associate Director of Career Services – Daytona Beach campus and currently manages marketing and employer relations for the department. She has been with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for over 10 years.

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